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WꢀꢅKIꢇꢊ AT KAꢆAꢄITY Jꢀꢁ DꢂꢃꢄꢅIꢆTIꢀꢇ – ꢁꢈꢃIꢇꢂꢃꢃ IꢇTꢂꢉꢉIꢊꢂꢇꢄꢂ ꢄꢀꢇꢃꢈꢉTAꢇT ꢋ A typical project at Kapacity, and how you would be working as ꢁI ꢄonsultant BoConcept was facing challenges due to two business intelligence solutions operating simultaneously. Thus, the purpose of the initial meeting with Kapacity’s pro- ject manager, technical lead and two developers was to gain an understanding of the problems con- cerning the current set-up. It was important for the team to identify the core of the problem both com- mercially and technically and meeting the costumer at eye level. was in charge of keeping all the strings together and ensuring, that they were meeting crucial deadlines. Kapacity as a core value was reflected in the way they all took ownership for the project. In spite of different areas of responsibility, the team managed to keep in mind the bigger picture instead of solely focusing on individual assignments. During the process the team worked partly on-site at the office and at the customer’s. The latter was an advantage as the consultants remained close con- tact to the customer and was able to provide direct collaboration. Their working approach involved best practice methods which they all worked by and con- stantly strives to develop. It’s a unique agile method that can easily be adjusted according to complexity. The role of the technical lead was to actively collabo- rate and critically challenge customer notions regard- ing architectural design and together with the deve- lopers provide excellent professional knowledge as a way of ensuring compliance between sale and deli- very. The project manager’s role was to clear expec- tations and set the framework for the project. The team’s expertise was challenged as they faced new types of performance systems, a new technology (SharePoint) etc., as to why it required a good business understanding - especially regarding the distribution problems. However, due to technical collaboration, competencies and commercial clarifications, the team managed to successfully implement the solution, which increased speed and efficiency. Data update was much faster, and instead of producing 200 reports in one month, BoConcept was able to solve it in 2 hours. The following step was to clarify methods, concepts, ratios and priorities and two relevant BI consul- tants were assigned to the project. The architect participated when discussing crucial elements regar- ding design, whereas each consultant were either given responsibility for finance or sales as a means of providing ownership. The developers were in charge of implementing the architecture while keep- ing in touch with the customer. The project manager KAꢆAꢄITY A/ꢃ Forbindelsesvej 12 DK-2100 København Ø Tlf.: +45 4420 9899 Inge Lehmanns Gade 10 DK-8000 Aarhus ꢄ www.kapacity.dk Kolding Åpark 1 DK-6000 Kolding Følg os på: WꢀꢅKIꢇꢊ AT KAꢆAꢄITY Both during and after implementation the team reflected on project as well as practice and discussed improvements concerning the approach. ꢆꢂꢅꢃꢀꢇAꢉ ꢍꢈAꢉIꢌIꢄATIꢀꢇꢃ In addition to your professional qualifications you are outgoing with excellent interpersonal and communica- tion skills and enjoy new challenges. It is mandatory that you are fluent in spoken and written ꢂnglish and Danish. To gain more insight about the BoConcept case, have a look at: http://www.kapacity.dk/cases/boconcept/ At Kapacity we are not concerned with fancy titles - in- stead we are driven by the prospect of uniting team ef- forts to solve challenging and exciting projects. We enjoy challenging our own professionalism and the notions of costumers as a way of developing both our mindset and practices. In addition, joining our team requires a high level of professional commitment and an ambition to be among the best ꢁI consultants in Denmark. You have an interest in expanding your knowledge of finance, from a business intelligence perspective, with an aim of becom- ing an expert in the areas where the fields overlap. Furthermore you are highly ambitious and continuously strive to challenge your professionalism. Rather than following a standard method, you’re motivated by the prospect of influencing company ideas as well as practic- es - hereby developing the best approaches. You enjoy collaboratingwithcostumerstoensureanidealbusiness solution. You like the idea about being able to challenge customers on a commercial and technical level. As the position enables a high level of autonomy, it’s required that you’re highly independent with a natural sense for making assessments. Furthermore, as pro- jects range from 1-6 people, you enjoy teamwork and see collaboration as the driving force in solving complex projects. Your flexibility and natural drive for challenges also enables you to assume different roles in projects. If you’re interested in working as our new BI Consult- ant, we expect that you hold the following profes- sional and personal qualifications: ꢆꢅꢀꢌꢂꢃꢃIꢀꢇAꢉ ꢍꢈAꢉIꢌIꢄATIꢀꢇꢃ Apart from this we expect you to have following per-  Min. 3 years of experience from a financial posi- tion such as Accountant or ꢌinancial ꢄontroller An economic master degree sonal qualifications:        Execution –focus on details, keep deadlines & follow procedures You have a natural interest for ꢁI-systems and want to specialize in them Make assessments –use own insight, chose practical approaches & develop expertise Evaluate problems –analyze challenges, document facts & incorporate data ꢂxert influence ꢋ affect views, challenge ideas & present information   You have experience working with forecasting and consolidation processes You have experience working with accounting requirements, a solid business understanding and in-depth knowledge of the value BI brings to the business Structure tasks –plan activities, keep principles & multitask  The most important factor: You are passionate about ꢁI and want to make a difference KAꢆAꢄITY A/ꢃ Forbindelsesvej 12 DK-2100 København Ø Tlf.: +45 4420 9899 Inge Lehmanns Gade 10 DK-8000 Aarhus ꢄ www.kapacity.dk Kolding Åpark 1 DK-6000 Kolding Følg os på:

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Kapacity A/S
Kapacity A/S
Kapacity hører til i toppen blandt landets Business Intelligence konsulenthuse.

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