TrustWorks is a consultancy focusing on bridging the gap between business and IT to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments. We help our customers succeed with their IT transformation projects from inception to transition.

Our expert areas are Program- and Project Management, IT- and Business Architecture, UX and tenders.

We like to think that we rethink IT and Business. At TrustWorks we believe in ending “business as usual” by embracing new and better methods and solutions. We listen, learn, and think of alternatives to achieve goals that are not consistent with the traditional way of doing things. The result are efficient and flexible new ways of achieving the same or better objectives with and for our clients.

We are based on 6 key phrases that define us:

Clock Building Not Time Telling
- We would rather help you to be able to build your own clock, than simply tell you what time it is.

Continuous Improvement
- We believe that constant learning is the key to growth for both us and our customers.

Show It and Tell It
- When we have learned something new, we are proud to show it and tell everyone about it. This means that best-practices and good ideas are spread between our many customers to everyone´s benefit.

We Believe in Talent and Passion
- The most important traits of the good consultant is to be talented and passionate. If you have talent and you are passionate, we can teach you the rest.

Good People
- To be a great consultant for our customers as well as the perfect colleague, you have to be a good person. At TrustWorks you will only meet good people, in every sense of the word.

At the Forefront of Theory and Praxis
- To excel we believe that we must focus on both practical experience from our customer´s projects and new theory on how to improve. We strive to be up to date, participate in University life and develop new ways of doing things based on experience and theory.